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Learn Market Research, Business Essentials, UX Design, and more. Also, complete assignments and build a portfolio along the way.

Receive weekly emails for 12 weeks, each with an assignment and resources.

Spend no more than 3 hours per week.

  • Week 1: Product Management 101
  • Week 2 : Market Research and Competitor Analysis
  • Week 3 : Business Essentials
  • Week 4 : Product Discovery
  • Week 5 : Team Alignment
  • Week 6 : User Experience Design
  • Week 7 : Product Development
  • Week 8 : Digital Technologies
  • Week 9 : Data Analytics and Metrics
  • Week 10 : Experimentation and Growth
  • Week 11 : Digital Marketing Essentials
  • Week 12 : Product Management Career Advice
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Most of what you need to learn to become a Digital Product Manager is already available online for free. But, it’s hidden. Hidden under heaps of non-essential content.

This program is a 12-week email course that will help you grasp key Product Management concepts in a manner that makes sense and helps them stick.

At the end of the
course, you will have

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